Release the immense power of your career website and maximise traffic conversion with this unique system from Basis.


HireMe uses revolutionary CV parsing software

to convert a simple drag and drop process,

into a unique talent database.

Getting started with HireMe is easy. The icon appears on your career site. Candidates simply drag and drop their CV in PDF or Word into the icon - and you access the data within our powerful Talent Software. Our unique tools allow you to search better and be more specific than ever before, allowing you to identify key talent through skills and location.

With powerful reporting, emailing and contact tools

- HireMe by Basis works alongside your Career Website and ATS or as a standalone package to significantly increase your talent capture.


Reduce or eliminate your dependency on recruitment agencies, convert visitors into registered talent and employ the power of the collective by turning your talent into refer a friend campaigns easily with the HireMe bulk emailing tool.

Job Filled!




Candidate Registered

CV Data Parsed

Talent Searchable

...It's that easy!

Packed with features, HireMe gives you the tools you need to target, engage-with and recruit, real talent. It converts your career website into the ultimate talent capture tool.

Eight brilliant reasons to use HireMe

Powerful, Effective
Talent Management

With a substantial and growing talent database, you need a tool that is equally as powerful - to allow you to manage and use the data effectively.


The Basis HireMe software is an intuitive desktop solution that will quickly become one of your frontline resourcing tools.


It has a host of features that allow you

to find, contact and manage your

talent pools with ease.