Fully mobile responsive, the survey is usually a series of questions, divided into genres, that require a slider based score. At the end of each section, that typically asks about

the role, relationship with others, management effectiveness

- there is an area for comments. The whole process is simple, quick and user friendly. The survey can be developed in a number of ways including stock questions through to full Occupational Psychology input to create fully bespoke experience. The reporting suite gives you full access to the data and provides interactive and downloadable reports in

a variety of formats.




The majority of exit interviews are still performed by Line Managers. Often this face to face meeting doesn't actually get

to the true cause of the employees departure. Basis Exit Management software records a comprehensive survey from the departing employee with anonymous or partially anonymous data that can be reported-on and most importantly acted-on to help reduce attrition and develop a better employer brand.



Basis Exit Management offers much more than off the shelf surveys. Pages within the solution manage the exit process better with pages for the employee on what to do, decision reversal and future support. It’s designed to ensure that departing staff not only give you the clear reasons for their departure, but enter the process properly, professionally

and respect your business - becoming ambassadors as they move on.