With nearly 80% of all applications now made online, your Career Website is undeniably the front line of your employer brand.

It's crucial that you entrust the project to individuals who have a wealth of award-winning experience in online development, who are passionate about impact, the quality of the message, innovation and service. A team who will not only think of the site in terms of its design, but also cover the myriad of detail that is essential in any successful website - the quality of the code, hosting, social media, integration projects, app design and of course - true mobile responsive display.


Your career website isn’t just part of your Employer Brand.

It undeniably ‘is’ your brand! Basis will impress you not just with our outstanding ability to create beautiful concepts, but our practical approach to the fundamentals that underpin the movement, video, coding and structure of an award winning piece of work. Our team of experts have developed work for some of the World’s leading brands. You might have admired our work without recognising we were the team responsible for creating it.


A solid social media strategy can be as successful in generating awareness and results as any media platform. Basis have a social media team who design social media pages, apps, manage and design integration pathways and assist in raising your social media awareness. In addition to the big three (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin), we consistently review the effectiveness of all fringe and emerging social media for our clients. Maybe you’ve never considered the impact of Pinterest, Shazam, or Instagram on your employer brand - we can help develop a strategy that emboldens your site and your online presence.


A high google ranking is the aim of almost every website.

An entire industry has emerged to capitalise on the wish to rank first in every search. There are things that make a difference that we deploy on every website to ensure that our websites are seen and favoured by search engines. Clean code, strong meta tags and ‘white hat’ techniques as well as advice on ‘spidering’ - ensuring that your site is linked through to trusted sites can make a real difference to your clean ranking. For help on Pay per click other sponsored SEO methods - contact our service team.


We love digital, but we also admit there is a place for traditional media - pointing people to that oh-so impressive Website. We often work with external and traditional agencies and we also have our own

- graphic designers that can develop employer branding, copywriters, media specialists and Account Managers. Our agency teams are based        in Manchester and London and work closely to establish strategies that bridge the gap between       off and online - Pay Per Click, job board media          and traditional press, as well as brochure, poster,   all manner of print and employer promotion.

Nice people - contact our service team to find out more.


Every site we develop has built-in mobile responsiveness. There are now more views made on our solutions through Mobile platforms than desktop - so engineering every site to provide a true mobile experience is essential. In fact many of our Websites are primarily developed from a mobile platform before scaling up to PC. Responsive sites respond to the hardware they are being seen on. It’s the optimum way to create an incredible and professional online experience and deliver impact for the myriad of new devices and screen resolutions that come onto the market annually.