The Basis ATS is unlike any other candidate management solution out there. Its global list of users might surprise you - almost as much as it’s unique user interface. It’s so easy to use, powerful, professional and scalable. We’ve taken 5 years of R&D to develop what arguably is one of the finest resourcing tools in the World.


We’ve entirely re-defined the application process, the talent management capabilities and user interface. There’s even an

App’ for candidate management on the go.


We’ve just given you every reason to upgrade your ATS.


Candidate Experience is arguably the most crucial part of the Basis ATS. Without applications or talent - then any solution is useless. Basis has put as much design and research into our User Experience as any part of our ATS. Our application form is unique in its simplicity and use. We’ve added unique user centric touches such as Geo-tagging to make the process unique to the individual. And we’re the only ATS that has a candidate App.



The traditional application form tells the recruiter very little about the Candidate. Judging the potential of an individual in the role, from work experience, qualifications and hobbies is unlikely to yield a great result. So we’ve re-designed the process to be simple and effective for the candidate - a site where they can edit their details, increase their visibility, add to the standard questions with additional profile material and statements that help give you a real insight into the person that is applying.


The Basis Candidate App’ is a CV creator and Job board, with one-touch application and location service driven delivery all in one. 85% of all ‘views’ to our careers site’s are now made on a mobile device. With no conventional way of applying quickly and without CV upload, Basis have worked around the limitations of mobile users to develop a truly unique platform. Creating your CV and profile in advance and storing it on your mobile is just one of the features. With location services you find all our Clients' careers closest to you - you can be alerted to careers within proximity - even respond to an advertised career with a unique code login. It’s what the recruitment market has been waiting for - a true mobile experience for Candidates on the go.


The Basis ATS is packed full of all the key features and more! Everything you could want from a resourcing solution.

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    Basis is the only drag and drop ATS. Object orientated, it behaves exactly the way you behave - unlike a computer system, which relies on status change and process. No other system feels like it. It’s a completely natural way of working: You view candidate details - you move them into reject, interview and hold areas

    - just like you would with a stack of CVs. Basis combines all the processing power and functions you need in a World Class Candidate Management system, made uniquely usable by the biggest leap forward in HR user interface since the emergence of the web. Ask for a demo - you will never want to use a traditional ATS again.


    One of the primary goals of your Career website and ATS should be to convert visitors into registered users. A growing talent database can offer a significant return on investment, reduced reliance on advertising, job board posting, recruitment agencies and external sources. Self-managed and candidate content-rich, the process of registering and maintaining data integrity is at the heart of the Basis solution. We set out to develop a signon for talent that is simple to use, updated useful candidate information, interview feedback and allows candidates to show themselves in the best light. If only a fraction of careers visitors are converted into registered talent, you have an immensely valuable first line resource for all your recruitment needs.


    Creating a vacancy is simple. You can create a role from scratch and make it a template. You can take a template and modify it.

    Or you can set up a role for single click creation. You can even customise the approval for each. Single click is perfect for Manager use - for those clients who devolve resourcing to Management level. Using the Mobile app, Managers can launch

    a vacancy without lengthy training.


    Not every candidate has a CV. Not every candidate wants to duplicate data entry. The Basis CV parsing tool is a powerful function that allows the candidate to upload their CV or signon through Linkedin and our solution will extract the required data, into the right fields. Candidates without a CV or Candidates applying through their mobile can still apply - using the CV creator tool which allows for the development of a crafted and fully portable CV that can be printed or used in conjunction with their application.



    The Basis app is nothing short of a revelation for HR and resourcing professionals on the move. One click vacancy creation, drag and drop candidate assessment that mirrors the simplicity and strength of the Basis solution and Vacancy approval and statistical reporting - the Basis app is available now for free download to use alongside your Basis solution.


    Working with your key talent sources - Linkedin, Social Media and Web Searches - Basis can tag individuals for talent banking. An incredibly powerful tool, it allows your resourcing team and network to add to the database, creating a talent pool that can manage your entire future resourcing needs.


    Basis integrates fully with the majority of popular UK Job boards. Without the need for third party applications, you can place an advert at your negotiated rate or purchase new credits through Basis. You can also send Adverts to all your favourite social media: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter as well as Wordpress and other blogging sites.


    Such a phenomenally data-rich solution deserves a reporting suite that will allow HR users to digest that data and present it in a meaningful way. Our reporting suite is fully user-designed, allowing you to create any report you wish, cross-correlate this against other data fields, times and individuals and present in a easy to visualise way using beautifully presented Pie or Graph charts. You can archive reports so that you can refer to them later. You can even export data into Excel for true portability.



    Using the IP address of desktop computers as a geo-specific locator, we can customise the experience of candidates, applying on the website. From presenting careers that are ordered by proximity, to flexible application forms that change to suit the geographical circumstances of the applicant - Geo tagging is another way of delivering a uniquely tailored and information rich experience to your audience.