Basis create a range of online products that support the entire employee lifecycle. From magnificent award-winning careers websites, to Candidate Management (ATS), Onboarding, Performance Management and Exit Management - Basis offer a leading modular solution for almost every stage of the journey.

One that is guaranteed to manage the process beautifully.


The web is a wonderfully versatile platform. So when the team at Basis started business in 2010 we immediately questioned why it should be that the vast majority of online computer systems look, a ‘system’? We argue that by placing user experience and design at the forefront of everything we do, we believe that good online solutions should mirror working the way that you do in real life. User Interface should be at the heart of User Experience. Our philosophy has always been that the online experience, for the Candidate, the Employee or HR - of using every Basis solution - should be brilliantly intuitive, powerful, simple and aesthetic.


Why compromise? Make the web and your chosen HR solution work the way you want it to - with an innovative People Management solution from Basis.